A Reddit posts claims that an Employee was forced to install Desktime Software and got fired for a Personal Email

Coronavirus pandemic has made life hell for many. People have lost their freedom, lives, and jobs, but a shocking incident came in light when an employee was fired over a petty reason. A Reddit post came into limilight exposing the unfair practices happening in a company. As most of the companies are opting for work for home; they are also taking drastic measures to ensure punctuality.

Many Indian companies are also resorting to working from home, and one such company asked their employees to install Desktime Software. The software keeps track of the work of the employees, and the reporting manager can use the system of the person with its help. An employee is forced to install the software on her personal computer (which itself is an invasion of privacy) to keep track of her punch-in and punch-out time. 

Reluctantly, she installed the software, but soon she got an Email from the CEO of her company that she has been fired. The reason given behind her termination was that she was on the job hunt and wasn’t even compensated for that day she worked. 

In reality, the employee got an interview email from another company, but she wasn’t looking for another job. Without being interrogated or given a chance to explain the job interview email, she was fired. 

Firstly, there is no such rule that a company can fire an employee because she got an interview email from another company. And, secondly, nobody has the right to invade someone’s privacy. It seems like a petty reason to lay off an employee, and the whole thing stinks of a trap where deliberately a software was installed on her laptop, and her personal emails were checked without her permission.

Source Reddit: Reddit Post