Teachers conducting online classes trolled online on twitter

During this never-ending pandemic, many professionals are there who are still making efforts for other's sake. Among them are teachers, who are endlessly pushing themselves to teach through online classes. But, since this term 'online classes' has come into existence, we all have come across many memes and group forwards making fun of teachers during online classes. Usually, students comment or interrupt the teachers in between the classes, but these online classes have taken a bad turn.

Why is it becoming a nightmare for the teachers to teach their students online? You may have heard a lot of incidents till now regarding students making fun of teachers over zoom call. Not just the college students, but the students in their higher secondary have made it difficult for the teachers to teach online. Teachers say that they have faced students making fun of their technical skills, they have been abused, bullied over the call, and much more. Some students also attempt to make fake IDs to pass inappropriate comments on the teachers. 

With the increasing incidents, recently one guy over Facebook shared a fictional story of a teacher. The story pictured how a teacher struggles to obey his job and simultaneously faces online harassment from the students. Many Facebook users shared the story on their feeds relating it to their personal experiences. The story went viral within a very less span of time because of its message. 

Even now, you can read a lot of incidents across different places where teachers face similar bullying and harassment. Countless female teachers have been insulted during online classes. Above all of it, there are numerous YouTube videos of recorded online classes where students are abusing the teacher, making it a “funny” video. We all need to understand that this pandemic is tough for each and everyone, it is as tough for the teachers as it is for the students. Teachers try their best to cope with the technology and other stuff, if you are a student, make sure to listen to them. 

Some teachers have spoken of experiencing mental trauma. Female teachers say that they are very anxious about what they wear during online classes. Irregular attendance, preparing for the classes, interruption from the students as well as the parents, fear of technology, poor internet, and many more things have made it hard for the teachers to teach online. If you think you have seen any of it in your surroundings, make your little efforts to aware of every one of them.