Unexpected story of a lost ring return after 18 years

On the beach, in Jacksonville, Florida a lady named Amy Goetz lost a special object 18 years back which was very close to her heart.

John Porcella is the person who found a ring on the Jacksonville beach and the story revolves around this. 

A Collin Hills alumnus lost her ring a very long time back and now she has found it. Sometimes it is not the size of the things we are attached to even the smallest thing can be the one which is very close to us. And wonder having lost one such object and then you get a phone call from the local police department that the ring has been found after 18 years. 


Amy Goetz lost her ring which has the school name engraved on it. Porcella one of the residences of Jacksonville beach was known for locating valuable items along the beach and had finally found Goetz’s ring on the same beach. Porcella said that searching for the lost items on the local beaches has been his hobby. As the ring has the high school name engraved on it so Porcella starting looking and found that there are a lot of Amy Goetz in the world. Once he has found out where the school was then he contacted the area police department.

The police have called her up and asked for the details after which Goetz was shocked and said “there have been multiple storms and hurricanes in that area since I lost it. I just cannot believe it was still there after all this time”. Amy Goetz has posted her story on social media and shared the excitement of having her ring back with a thankful note to John. 

People have been posting some amazing comments after reading the story. Isn’t it about the great destiny and how the two strangers Amy and John got related to the story of the lost and found the ring after 18 years at the same Jacksonville Beach, Florida?