WhatsApp chat Leaked Even after end-to-end Encryption; Safeguard your chats now

Amid controversies where Bollywood celebrities WhatsApp chats are getting leaked on social media platforms, WhatsApp clarified that its platform is end-to-end encrypted, allowing the only recipient to read.  

WhatsApp users have raised concerns about the privacy of personal conversation happening and no security for the same. 

“WhatsApp protects your messages with end-to-end encryption so that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between can access it, not even WhatsApp,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said.

WhatsApp chats are encrypted end-to-end. This means chats are safe when they move from one device to other. WhatsApp uses Signal Protocol, designed by Open Whisper Systems for its end-to-end encryption.

“What’s more, even if encryption keys from a user’s device are ever physically compromised, they cannot be used to go back in time to decrypt previously transmitted messages,” WhatsApp states.

In further clarification, the spokesperson said, “WhatsApp follows guidance provided by operating system manufacturers for on-device storage, and we encourage people to take advantage of all the security features provided by operating systems such as strong passwords or biometric IDs to prevent third parties from accessing content stored on the device,” the spokesperson said.

What does end-to-end encryption mean?

End-to-end encryption is a secure method of communication. WhatsApp introduced this system to prevent the message from being leaked or exposed to cyber-criminals, hackers, telecoms, and governments. The main motto is to avoid messages being exposed to wrong hands.

According to the WhatsApp," Many messaging apps only encrypt messages between you and them. Still, WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you are communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp. This is because your messages are secured with a lock, and only the recipient and you have the unique key needed to unlock and read them. For added protection, every message you send has its unique lock and key."

Jan Koum, CEO and Co-founder of WhatsApp, said, "The desire to protect people's private communication is one of the core beliefs we have at WhatsApp, and for me, it's personal. I grew up in the USSR during communist rule, and the fact that people couldn't speak freely is one of the reasons my family moved to the United States."

However, one should know that chats and document backup happens on Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iPhones. WhatsApp follows strict guidelines stated by OS manufactures for on-device storage. 

For added protection, every message send carries unique lock and key, which encrypts messages automatically. The user does not have to work on the setting. 

As far as the leak is concerned, phone cloning technique data and cellular identity is performed that allows hackers to copy the data. Users need to keep in mind that, WhatsApp is unable to hand over any messaging data, even if authorities demand the same.

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