Father Sold His Cow To Buy A Mobile Phone For His Daughter's Education

What could be worse than such a situation for a family which is already under below the poverty line? This pandemic has created a huge impact on the whole world but the poor class is the one who has suffered the most. Where the prerequisite of food is difficult to fulfil this man had to sell his cow for buying a mobile to educate his children through online classes.

Here is one such story from Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

As due to complete closure of schools and colleges the system had shifted to online education. This has got many people in trouble,not everybody could afford a mobile phone for their children.

This man, Kuldip Kumar belongs to Gumer Village in Jwalamukhi which lies in Kangra District. His children named Annu and Dippu who were studying in class 4th and 3rd were asked to attend online classes. This has led the father in trouble when he had asked the banks and the money lenders to lend him an amount of Rs 6000 to buy a phone for his children’s education. But nobody helped him due to his poor family conditions. 

When he was asked by the teachers of his children to provide them a phone, he said that he did not even have 500 so providing a big amount for phone is a tough task for him. 

At last, when he had no option, he sold his cow which was the only source of income to his family. He lives in a mud house in Himachal. He does not have a card for Below Poverty Lines neither is he legatee of Integrated Rural Development Programme. 

He also went up to the Panchayat for the help for the construction of his house but did not hear back from them too. The MLA of Jwalamukhi was shocked when he came across the news and have asked the subordinates to help him out with the financial assistance.

Actor SonuSood also tweeted regarding the same incidence saying to share his details. He wanted to get in touch with Kuldip and his family.

It feels so out of the box when big celebs look down on such matters and come for help. It gives the feeling of helping each other as a part of the society despite the boundaries of rich and poor.