Two newborn babies in UP named "Lockdown" and "Corona"

Coronavirus, which has led to a lockdown situation not only in India but around the world, seems to have a positive side as well. Currently, India is observing complete lockdown till 14th April, and escalating numbers are leading the speculation that lockdown may increase. However, amid the chaos, fear, and anxiety, there is a family who has managed to see a positive side of the lockdown and therefore decided to name their newborn boy, "Lockdown."

 A family in Khukhundu village in Uttar Pradesh welcomed their baby boy amid the lockdown, and the family could not be more excited. The father of the child, Pawan, named his boy, "Lockdown," and is pretty serious about it. When asked why such a peculiar name, he responded that, "He was born during the lockdown.

We appreciate Prime Minister NarendraModi'  's efforts to enforce lockdown and save the people from the Corona pandemic. The lockdown is in the national interest, and so we decided to name the child as Lockdown". The name will always remind people that national interest comes before self-interest. 

A week later, a girl was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, and she was named Corona by her family members. When they were asked why did they name their daughter after a disease, they instead had quite an explanation. Her uncle, NiteshTripathi, said that the deadly virus had unified the world. He said that the name was chosen after seeking her mother's permission, and they know that "The virus is no doubt dangerous and it has killed so many people in the world, but it has also inculcated many good habits in us and brought the world closer. This baby will be the symbol of people's unity to fight evil."

The newborns have become the talk of the towns just a few days after their birth. But, let's just say the intention behind keeping such extraordinary names is genuinely commendable.