Alia Bhatt and Shaheen’s father Mahesh Bhatt got furious on journalists on the book launch

Daughters are a soft spot of a father and he will do anything to protect his daughter from the perils of life. A father may not be able to express his emotions verbally, his care with hugs and kisses, but he does express his fear and insecurities with anger. It often happens that a father’s rage or strictness is misconstrued as emotional unavailability, but in reality, the way the father protects his daughter no one else can.



A father’s love is a silent, strong and unsung love that makes the special bond unbreakable and inexplicable. One such story is of daughter Shaheen and her father Mahesh Bhatt, who got miffed when a journalist asked him, “how his daughter is trying to fit in the society?”

The occasion was World’s Mental Health Day, and the Bhatt family was attending the book launch of their daughter Shaheen, a debutant writer who was suffering from Clinical Depression since the tender age of 13.  Her book,” Never Been (Un) Happier” revolves around depression, the life of people who have the mental illness, the symptoms and how it can be controlled. On the book launch, the whole Bhat clan, including Papa, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, Mother, Soni Razdaan, and her sisters Alia Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt, were present.

It was a nostalgic moment when she reminisced her days of depression, and when nobody in her family had a clue about it. The feeling of incompleteness and numbness shadowed her day, and by her side was her best friend talking to her for hours. At the moment, Soni Razdan, her mother, told that she was not able to identify the symptoms of depression and thought Shaheen was being a brat like a typical teenager.

On the event, her sisters Alia Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt supported her and cheered for her to have guts to open up about her state. However, Papa Bhatt could not control his anger when the journalist asked a question about his daughter adjusting in society.


The irked father said, “I can’t expect a young little girl to fit into this sick world where brutality is legitimized.” In the video, viewers can see his wife calming him down and daughter Alia saying,” I warned you this was going to happen.” But, Mahesh Bhatt remained firm on his statement and was uncontrollably angry on the journalist for asking such a question.