Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover shake a leg at Kanika Kumria’s wedding

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, two pillars of The Kapil Sharma Show

When it comes to The Kapil Sharma Show, the only thing people still remember is either Kapil Sharma or Sunil Grover. They were not only professionally, but were best of friends personally. They both became famous together with each other's help and their friendship stood against all odds, but sometimes small spats can ruin everything. 

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover shaking a leg on the tunes of Mika Singh

It is said that once a relationship is strained it will not be the same as before. It will be like a cracked mirror which can be fixed, but won’t remain the same. But, can Sunil and Kapil get over the ugly spat of 2017 and make amendments? If you don’t know the famous spat of the two, it all happened in a flight. 

There were rumours of petty fights among the two on the sets of Kapil Sharma. Reports even suggested that they both did not see each other eye to eye on the sets off the camera. But matters went down the hill when KapilSharms screamed at Sunil on an international flight and also threw a shoe on him. It led to the end of the friendship.

However, things are changing as recently they both were spotted together at KanikaKumria’s wedding where they were seen dancing together. 

Recently, Kapil Sharma even tweeted to Sunil Grover seeking his apology and expressing his love for him. It seems like Kapil Sharma is ready to extend the olive branch and forget the past. But, it will be exciting to see Sunil’s response, whether he is ready to say bygones are bygones