Shatrughan Sinha defends Sonakshi when she could not answer a question about Ramayana

Coronavirus lockdown has shut down everything in India and the world. Currently the entertainment industry is also surviving on reruns of popular series of the 90s like Ramayan and Mahabharat. But, a jibe by Mukesh Khanna did not go well with papa Shatrughan Sinha. 

When Mukesh Khanna was asked about his serials going on air, he gave a statement that, “I think the reruns will be useful to many who haven't watched the show earlier. It will also help people like Sonakshi Sinha who have no knowledge about our mythological sagas. People like her don't know who lord Hanuman gets Sanjivani for. There is a video doing the rounds where few boys are asked whose Mama (uncle) was Kans and they got scared to answer. Some said Duryodhan, others said something else, so they are not aware of the mythology."

His comments irked Shatrughan Sinha and recently he answered a question of Bollywood Hungama without taking Mukesh Khanna’s name that, “I believe someone has a problem with Sonakshi not answering a question on the Ramayana. Firstly, what qualifies this person to be an expert on all things to do with the Ramayana? And who has appointed him the guardian of the Hindu religion?"

He further defended his daughter, Sonakshi Sinha by adding, “I am very proud of all my three children. Sonakshi became a star on her own. I never had to launch her career.She is a daughter any father would be proud to have. Not answering a question on the Ramayana doesn't disqualify Sonakshi from being a good Hindu. She doesn't need a certificate of approval from anyone." 

The word war seems to have stirred between the veterans and let’s see what daughter Sonakshi Sinha has to say about the whole incident. While the Coronavirus outbreak is claiming lives, the darling daughter of Shatrughan Sinha gave donation to Salman’s charity Being Human. It was a secret donation and her spokesperson did not mention the amount.