Bizarre Wedding of a 34-year old mother with a tree in Litherland

Illegal logging and land clearing have become a menace, and the plan of creating a new three-mile bypass through the Rimrose Valley has been severely opposed.  A female activist and a 34-year old mother, Kate Cunningham tied the knot with Elder, a tree in Rimrose Valley Park in Litherland.

She stated that initially, her son was embarrassed by the idea, but got on board and attended the wedding. She even plans to change her surname to Kate Rose Elder. The ceremony was organised at Merseyside Park, and all her family friends including the boyfriend were present at the wedding.

Kate stated that she did the wedding to create awareness against the construction of a new bypass which is being constructed to manage the traffic congestion at Liverpool port. She stated that her boyfriend and father were very supportive and organised the wedding.

 At the wedding, she wore an olive green dress with a long home-made skirt and green pumps, to give a message of eco-friendly wedding. Davy Edge, a local musician, actor and poet was invited to perform at the wedding ceremony, and even hen party was organised the day before the wedding.

Kate, a local activist, said that Mexican activists had done such weddings before to raise awareness on the environmental damage we humans are doing. It motivated her to do it in her hometown as well.

She has been protesting the contract of building a street bypassing the Rimrose valley and along with thousands of other volunteers marched to create awareness.

Unfortunately, it did not attract the attention of people. So, she decided to take this step to stop the destruction of green space and is hopeful that it will be an eye-opener for the community.