A rapid increase in divorce cases in China due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus the pandemic has only made China pause, increased the death rate, but has also led to increase in the divorce cases. Since the time quarantine is introduced couples are spending more time together in self-isolation, which has resulted in an increase in divorce cases. The country has observed 300 divorces within 3 weeks.

 Marriages breaking in China because of self-isolation imposed on people

According to Mr. Lu Shijun, the manager of a marriage registry in Dazhou, Sichuan Province of south-western China, 'The divorce rate [in the district] has soared compared to before [the coronavirus outbreak]

'Young people are spending a lot of time at home. They tend to get into heated arguments because of something petty and rush into getting a divorce,'

300 divorce cases applied in 3 weeks stated Lu

While there can be another factor that has resulted in significant rise in divorce cases, the register offices were closed for a month and divorce applications were on halt. But, with the re-opening of the registrar office on 1st March, the applications are pouring in. One of the office received 14 cases in a day leading to hit the upper limit.

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One of the registrar office in Fuzhou, Fujian Province of southern China stated that they would receive only 10 divorce applications per day. The overwhelming applications led to take such a stern decision.

Coronavirus has till now become a worldwide disease infecting more than 1,50,000 people and claimed seven thousand more deaths. However, China is taking measures like quarantine that have resulted in reducing the cases of the deadly disease. Currently, there were only eight new cases of the novel virus in China and now the focus is on treating the active cases.