Indian Ministers want to extend the World’s Biggest Lockdown

The $2.9 trillion Indian Economy is under 21-day complete lockdown due to Coronavirus that is supposed to end on 15th April 2020. But, the Indian ministers and leaders are divided whether to lift the lockdown or extend the lockdown period. Currently, there are 4789 positive cases in India, which is considerably less than the US, UK, Europe and China. But the leaders feel that the numbers are less because of the lockdown and there will be a surge once the lockdown is lifted. 

Earlier PM Narendra Modi announced complete lockdown within 4 hours which led to a lot of commotion and criticism. But, considering the circumstances, the indian leaders feel that lockdown is the only solution to save lives in a country which is not equipped to face the epidemic. Coronavirus has no treatment till now and billions of lives are at stake; many leaders feel that the economic crisis can be handled, but loss of life is an irreversible loss. 

CM of Telangana K. Chandrasekhar Rao who is dealing with a rise in cases in Telangana because of Muslim gathering in Delhi said that, “I am for the lockdown of the country further more after April 15. Because, we can recover from the economic problem. But, we cannot get back our lives.” The leaders of Assam and Chhattisgarh said that if the lockdown is lifted they will keep the state borders closed and restrict the entry to avoid a surge in the cases. The Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated, “As and when the lockdown is withdrawn, we have to regulate those wanting to come to Assam.”

As the Indian leaders feel that lockdown should be extended, there is a possibility of increase in the lockdown period to avoid increase in cases and ensure that people of our country are safe. As India is in the last week of the lockdown, and soon PM Narendra Modi will announce his decision, we hope that it is for the benefit of the nation.