Even Indian Godmen wear mask to stay safe from Coronavirus in India

Fresh cases of Corona virus is witnessed across India, including Kerala, Delhi, Telangana & J&K, raising the total number to 46

With the outrageous outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus across the world, even the Gods are not spared. According to a stated report by NDTV, and other news agencies, a priest in Varanasi temple named Krishna Anand Pandey had covered the Maha Shiva Ling with a protective mask as a preventive measure from Corona virus. The priest reportedly covered all the deities in his temple with a mask in hope of divine intervention. The incident happens to have occurred at Prahladeshwar temple where Lord Shiva was been put a mask.

Source:ANI UP

According to ANI reports, the priest is stated quoting “Since there is a contingent outbreak of COVID-19 across the country, through Lord Viswanath we are trying to spread more awareness about the novel disease.” Pandey was even recorded saying “Just like during winter season we put warm cloths on the idols and turn AC in summers, the same way we have covered them with mask. 

Source: ANI UP

This incident took over the internet with people responding in a mixed way. The priest was even seen urging the devotees “not to touch the idols and prevent the spread of Corona virus.”

Within a period of just two months, more than 100,000 positive Corona virus cases are been reported so far. China, Italy, Israel, Japan, Middle East Countries, South Korea, Iran, and America are among the most observed and affected countries. The epicenter of COVID-19, Wahun, China is facing a huge population ratio loss. The total number of affected positive cases is 80,783 out of them 61,499 recovered and 4,000 people have died so far. Currently, China is suffering a huge set-back, export and imports are shut down and badly hit the economy.  

In India positive cases till now is been recorded to 46. Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardan chaired high-level cabinet meetings and held talks with state representatives. In a media interaction,

he quoted “We are taking all the best possible measures to curb out the emergency situation. We are doing a stringent screening on airports, hospitals are told to keep isolation ward prepared, preventive masks and sanitizers are made available in stores, the government is circulating  DO’s and DONT’s list for more awareness.” MHA, in a statement, said that the government is taking all the precautionary measures, and we are requesting people who have reportedly arrived from foreign, especially Italy should report to the government.  

In a fresh report on Tuesday, the death toll globally has surpassed 4,000 as China reported 17 new deaths. America is currently having 1,000 positive Corona virus cases. In India, the total number has risen from 40 to 46.