Over Smartness of a Kolkata Woman led to her Death

How often we cancel the Ola/Uber trips and call the driver directly? Nowadays, cab drivers play smart where they cancel the trip stating a basic reason and then directly call the customers, giving them drive on comparatively cheaper price. Even the passengers don’t mind as they get to pay less and yet enjoy the luxury of an AC car. Pooja Singh Dey also must have thought; she is smart when she directly called the cab driver in the wee hours to take her to Bangalore airport. Little did she know her doom was waiting in the car.

A model and event manager boarded the flight on 29th July from Kolkata to attend an event management event in Bangalore and took an OLA cab from the airport. On the day of departure, i.e., 31st July she called the same driver directly, and few hours later the local police got a random call of a woman brutally stabbed and drowning her blood. The bloodshed scene indicated violence and continuous stabbing in the abdomen, breast, throat, and arms which led to her death. After investigating, there were no documents found in the crime scene, and the dead body had her clothes on, a wristwatch and pair of sandals.


The unique name on the watch led to the identification of the body, and it was indeed Pooja Singh Dey from Kolkata. When the police probed further, they found out that a missing complaint was lodged in Kolkata. After advanced investigation, the driver of the car was identified as HN Nagesh who planned to rob the model cum event manager as he had missed EMI payments on car owing to financial constraints. While the model was sound asleep in the cab, he made a detour and took her at an isolated location where she was stabbed unconscious and later murdered with a brick. But to his disappointment, he could only find five hundred cash and a few ATMs cars which were of no use to him.

Now he will spend the rest of his days in prison contemplating his foolishness. Hopefully, it is a lesson for passengers to adopt ethical practices and give their safety a priority over few pennies.