Two muslim women were condemned and harassed for buying clothes from a Hindu Store

In the challenging times, even the world becomes one, but in India, religious communities will never leave behind their issues and unity. One such deplorable incident took place in Davanagere, Karnataka during the month of Ramzan. 

Two Muslim women who were out shopping bought some stuff from a Hindu Store BS Channabassapa and Sons and were on their way back. But, they were stopped by a group of men from their community. They started hurling abuses on women and condemned them from purchasing clothes from a Hindu Store as they were Muslims. And, even criticized their attack of shopping during the holy Ramadan month. 

Two Muslim women targeted by Muslim men on road

The video shows how the group of men are shouting on women and ordering them to return the bags to the Hindu store. The men were not satisfied by shouting on them, they even went ahead and snatched bags from their hands to return them, and stopped an auto-rickshaw for the women to return back home as they were not allowed to shop. 

The incident got viral on social media and caught the attention of MP ShobhaKarandlaje of BhartiyaJanta Party and she took to her Twitter handle to question, “Whether Karnataka is an Islamic Republic!!!???”

An official FIR is lodged against the Muslim group in the viral video and the police confirmed soon they will question them.