44-year-old Man pressed charges against Google because his wife suspects infidelity

Over the years, Google, the top-most search engine of the world, has faced many challenges, controversies, and cases; but the CEO of the technical giants, Mr. SundarPichai, would have never thought that he would have to face such a weird complaint. A rather hysterical incident took place in Mayiladuthurai, where a 44-year-old man complained against Google as his wife suspected him of cheating. 

R Chandrasekar, who owns a fancy store and his wife, who is a tailor by profession, lives in Mayiladuthurai. His wife suspected infidelity. He has been married for 18years now and claims that Google maps are showing his travel history and adding places which he never went. 

After the initial shock of how his wife is getting to know his travel history, he says that he wants to complain against Google for showing false data and robbing his peace of mind. He said, “ I do not know how she is getting to know my travel history without accessing my phone. I don’t remember sharing my mobile phone with my wife in recent times. But, she has been accessing my timeline via Google Maps. It shows places I have not visited. She is going to those places to check why I went there. She is constantly abusing me, and my peace of mind is ruined. I demand that action be taken against Google for presenting a false timeline.”

He further added that Google map shows that he went to Thiruvizhanthur on Thursday, which is completely wrong. He said, “I did not go there. My wife checked out the travel history, went there, came back home, and started questioning me. I do not know how she is getting to know my travel history without accessing my phone. She is becoming obsessed.”

The inspector of the police station K Singaravelu was confused by his demand to complain and added, “We do not have jurisdiction to deal with such issues. We can counsel the complainant’s wife and inform the cybercrime police.”