A college in Gujarat forced 68 girls to remove their undies and prove they weren’t menstruating

In the 21st century, where eminent leaders are discussing world peace, making the planet eco-friendly and preserving natural resources, certain disturbing sections prove that humanity is on the verge of extinction. A disturbing incident took place in a college in Bhuj that is an embarrassment on the society and questions the religious norms.

Shri Sahajanand Girl’s Institute (SSGI) that claims that they aim to provide “self-development and empowerment of girls through modern, scientific, and value-based education” could stoop so low. Recently, 68 girls living in the college hostel were forced to remove their panties and prove they were not menstruating. The humiliating incident happened after the constant complaints of the hostel warden. She complained that menstruating girls enter the kitchen and temple area, which is strictly prohibited according to the religious sects. Also, they touch their fellow students as it is considered impure. 


The college is operated by the followers of Swaminarayan Mandir in Bhuj. The college was set up in 2012 and in 2014 moved to the building of Swaminarayan Kanya Mandir. The religious sects are strictly followed in the college and after the repeated complaints to the Principal Rita Raning, the former took the decision. She ordered the 68 girls who are staying at the hostel, who were then attending classes to gather in the washroom.

Durga, who is one of the hostellers, told that they come from remote villages and the hostel is the only safe place to stay. But, they have to face such accusations and abuses on a daily basis. Even when the incident took place, the principal was hurling abuses as if it was their fault they were menstruating. In fact, when the principal asked the menstruating girls to step aside, two of them step aside, but still, the principal was adamant went with the horrific incident. 

Another student, Shakti, a 19-year old undergraduate, admitted that the college students have to live in a school hostel as there is no separate hostel for them. She said that they are punished for menstruating and whether the girls follow or do not follow the rules, they will be punished or humiliated. She added that as they come from far-flung villages, they put up with the harassment, but now the line of dignity has been crossed. She added that the warden and principal do not believe them and accused of lying. After a lot of drama, they were forced to remove their panties and show it to them. 

The hosteller’s said that their parents were emotionally manipulated not to press charges and declared the incident as a necessity to preserve religious norms. Trustee Pravin Pindora even forced the girls to sign a letter declaring no such incident took place. 

It is a shame that such a humiliating incident happened in the first place, and proving it a necessity to protect the sanctity of the temple is even more shameful. The vice-chancellor of Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kutch University responded to the media questions and said, “A committee has been created who will investigate the matter and strict action will be taken against the people involved.”