Business man in Bangalore conned for 2 lakhs in lieu of a Mercedes Car

Lockdown has made people desperate and they are not shying away from conning innocent people. A businessman named Khaleel Sharif wished to have a luxury car in comparatively at a cheaper price. He was also okay if the car was second hand. He was only waiting considering the lockdown one of the reasons even though he didn’t get the supply on the promised date.

He met a relative of the garage owner wherein the servicing station at JeevanBhimanagar. And he got caught up with a man who introduced himself as Dastagir and promised him that he can get him a second hand luxurious automotive for 2 lakhs.

Dastagir contacted Sharif for a Mercedes car which was for sale for worth Rs 2.25 Lakhs. They had a word regarding the quoted money and bought it down to 2 Lakhs after the discussion. Then on March 11, Sharif made the payment of Rs 78,000 through google pay. 

As soon as the first transaction was made Dastagir switched off his phone on the other hand he promised to deliver the car within 2 days. Whereas Sharif was not making any serious moves considering the situation of lockdown.

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Once the lockdown came to a point where the things could move, he went to the storage where he first met Dastgir and asked the owner to make him meet him as he was Dastgir’s relative.

The owner kept delaying him giving false hope that he will get his cash back but after no response was seen from his side Sharif though and figured out that going to the Police was the only useful way. At the police station, he got to know that there were around 30 complaints concerning the same matter which were registered against Dastgir.