India loses in “Fart Competition” as the participants were too shy to pass the wind

Hahaha! It might sound a little bit crazy but it is true that a ‘farting competition’ was held in Surat, Gujrat where participants were going to be judged on the longest, loudest, and the most musical farts. “But due to awkwardness in passing bombers, they could not perform properly and give the best shot” the Organizer of the event quoted. 60 people have registered themselves for this competition but only twenty of them turned up.  

The competition was held on Sunday and due to embarrassment for doing such competition in front of a gathering, only a few came while a lot had registered. Where there were 20 people only 3 took the courage to be on the stage in front of 70 people’s gathering. The farting competition also had the presence of media channels, photographers, etc. The organizer YatinSangoi stated that ‘Because of the presence of various news channels and people at the competition it constrained the participants to Crack splitters openly.  

There were 3 trophies for the top three participants but not even a single trophy was given away as the three who made it to the stage also couldn’t Grundle Rumble with the longest, loudest and musical ones. Instead, the participants were given gift hampers for having the courage to walk on to the stage for a fart competition. The three of them were Sushil Jain who was from Bardoli, Vishnu Heda of Surat, and Alkesh Pandya of Patan.  

The organizer Sangoi stated that with a firm they also had built a special device that could measure the fart parameters. They are now planning to do the same competition in Mumbai. There would be chambers that wouldn’t restrict the participants to break the wind while no audience could see them.