Kangna Ranaut reveals her family was against her decision of purchasing a bungalow worth 48 crores

Kangna Ranuat is the iron lady of India for whom nothing is impossible. Be it her struggling years in acting or endless controversies or now when she bought her 48 crore worth bungalow in Bandra going against the suggestions of her family and CA. 

She has always been a woman who has listened to everyone, but took a decision based on her intuition and belief in herself. Neither has she ever backed down from taking risks and it looks like she never will. Winner of Padma Shri Award, KanganaRanaut revealed in her interview to Pinkvilla that her family was against her decision to purchase a bungalow while she was donning the hat of a director. 

“Everyone told me you could have worked anywhere else. Why don't you just rent an apartment instead? I told them I can't go to those glass chambers where there's no life. I need organic fabric, plants around me. My family was like: yehitni sari demands leke direction mein struggle karne ja rahihai. My sister is like, she's a diva, tum struggling director ho?”

Not only her family, even her CA advised her to invest in bonds or restaurants as at least she will get a fixed rent. “My CA told me why are you putting the money in this property? Usually, the studio that is backing the project gives you a place to work and the rent for it. He's asked me to put my money in bonds, or in a restaurant where there would be 40-50 lakhs rent eventually.”

But, Kangana as she is a strong headed actress, she knew in her heart what she needed and took her stand. She further added, “So there was a group of people from my parents to my CA and my sister who were after my life. So going against the family never really stops. And I was like, 'Can I just do what I want to do?' They felt I'm wasting my money. It was a challenge and I still feel that going forward, I will figure it if it was a good investment or not.”

However, it wasn’t easy for her to purchase and renovate the bungalow located in the heart of Mumbai, she revealed that, “The idea was to build my studio. But in between, some of my films didn't work, like Rangoon and Simran. It's a very expensive property in the heart of Mumbai. It's a bungalow, not a flat. So it took a setback, but then after Manikarnika, things changed again and I could rebuild it the way I wanted to. I could have done the basic thing and moved in.”

Currently, she is enjoying time with her family in her family house in Himachal. Her Instagram shows how much she is having fun working out with her nephew Prithvi and has already lost 5kgs, thus becoming a fitness motivation for the procrastinators