Rihanna trolls Donald Trumps and his wife Melania by sharing a video proving they don’t get along

The US President Donald Trump has been a subject of ridicule and trolling since the day he has been elected as the President. At times it’s his derogatory remarks or brashness or utter lack of diplomacy which has led to controversies or trolling by netizens. Now, even Rihanna joins the gang of trollers and takes a dump on him right before 78 days before the US elections. 

Rihanna recently shared a video clip on Twitter, where Trump and his wife Melania are coming out of a jet. The President is trying to hold her hand, and she is pulling away. The video also has a popular song by Rihanna in the background, “Needed Me”. She even posted the video on her IG handle and captioned, “I was good on my own, that’s the way it was / That’s the way it was,”

The caption states,” Melania likes art…#78 days” and it looks like it's a jibe on Trump as the elections are just a few weeks away. Undoubtedly, Rihanna wins the heart and can be the Queen of Shade. The fans of the pop singer enjoyed the troll and even contributed towards Trump Trolling.

However, it makes one thing clear that the President and First Lady Melania are not the perfect and in-love couple as was the former President Barak Obama and his wife Michelle.