CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey puts his plans to live in Africa on hold because of Coronavirus

Jack Dorsey is a popular name in the world of internet, but for those who are unaware, Jack Dorsey is the CEO of two elite companies, namely Twitter and Square, which is a payments company. Last year he announced that he plans to stay in Africa for three to six months to explore the opportunities there.

However, things seem to have taken a U-turn with the spread of Coronavirus, also called Covid19. Currently, 94,000 people have been affected by the deadly virus, and 3300 people have died mostly in China. There has been news that one case has been reported in Africa as well, and it has led to the postponing of Jack Dorsey’s plan.

The fear of Covid19 has stalled his stay in Africa as currently there is no treatment for the disease and scientists have said to limit the travel as much as possible. Keeping the health concerns in mind, Jack Dorsey has even told the staff at Twitter to work from home as much as possible and only go for unavoidable business trips.

Jack Dorsey planned his stay in Africa as it is an unexplored sector and will be the most populated continent in the future. It is an opportunity for Twitter to expand its business and get more accounts. The CEO is currently facing issues on the work front as an activist investor wants him to give up his position on one of the top companies.

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The reason behind the remarks is that the practice of heading two companies can lead to a lack of performance. A CEO has to devote time to both the companies, and there is always a stage of burning out due to work pressure. Now only the future will decide whether Jack Dorsey remains the CEO of Twitter or opts out.