Major economic unrest led to the relocation of 100 companies to Netherlands

Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson last month announced the exit of Britain from the European Union with or without any deal. It has led to significant distress amongst the corporates as they don’t want to leave their European Market Share.


The sudden decision has led to economic unrest as most of the companies are planning to shift their base to Netherlands from Britain. As per the data, already 100 companies have relocated their offices to continue their access to European Market as otherwise; it will result in losses for them.


According to the reports of Netherland Foreign Investment Agency, there many more companies who are planning their move to Netherlands as the chances of no deal clear.


 To be precise around 325 numbers will exit from Britain and these companies are from all the sectors including Finance, Marketing, IT, Advertising, health, etc.


The Netherlands which is competing with Germany, Belgium, Ireland and France to attract Brexit is considered the upcoming base of new European Market. And if you believe the reports then the growing unrest in the United Kingdom can lead to worst economic crisis the country has withstood with the exit of Britain from European Union by the end of October.


With the resignation of former Prime Minister, Mrs May the seat was taken by Boris Johnson, a member of the Conservative Party. He has openly claimed that he will pull the Britain out of the European Union even without a formal agreement has led to a major storm in the parliament.


The deadline of withdrawal is 31st October, and if the new Prime Minister is not able to strike a deal with the European Union, then the economy of the United Kingdom should be prepared for a setback.