Borderline Personality Disorder in women attracts men reveals a study

According to a recent journal on “Personality and Individual Differences”, the persons with the borderline personality distemper possess serious issues regulating mushy stimulation and are often going through rocky relationships. The journal has also demonstrated that a plethora of men finds traits connected with borderline personality distemper to be exhortative in physically enchanting women. 

A man in a viral parody video provides his scientific advice about the relationship between a women’s personality, her outlook, and also her dating appeal. The senior lecturer at Bishop Grosseteste University, Alyson Blanchard uttered that, “I have come off the Hot Crazy Matrix (HCM) YouTube video and awestruck by its immense media coverage and popularity. I am just thinking why this video resonates with so many people”. 

She further added, “I am an evolutionary psychologist, my preceding research had demonstrated various diacritic characteristics of psychopathic traits and how are they rummaging around these characteristics in a romantic partner. So, that is the conventional conception of women being fascinated by the ‘bad guys’ even though it is conspicuous that the boy is bad for them!”

In two different studies, which consist of 525 English-speaking adults, all the participants were asked to assess the dating appeal of suppositional individuals. Those participants have seen a unique facial photograph along with a concise biography. Those profiles are distinguishable according to the borderline personality traits, enchanting expression, psychopathic, and wealth. 

Well, those persons with high borderline personality and psychopathic were often elucidated as who preferred to “banter the rules” and was “sufficiently exquisite”, and “a bit fierce - driving expeditiously and taking drugs”. These people are also illustrated as someone with an innumerable “relationship dramas” who was “self-critical” and “perturbed”. 

The personality traits and wealth status were the two significant concerns that ascertaining dating appeal amongst female participants. Women mostly prefer their partners of high wealth and diminished psychopathic traits, even when they were chosen as low in facial attractiveness. 

Finally, the study has shown, “the borderline personality traits in enchanting women and wealthy low fascinating men are most importantly opted by the opposite gender”, uttered by Thomas J. Dunn, Alyson Blanchard, and Alex Sumich.