The Supreme Court judge in Canada ordered Social Media Influencer to pay $2, 00,000 to her ex-boyfriend

Noelle Halcrow is an acclaimed social media influencer in Canada and is in the news nowadays because the Supreme Court judge ordered her to pay $2, 00,000 to her ex-boyfriend. The reason behind such a huge fine is her malintentions of defaming the ex by spreading rumours about her ex-boyfriend and business consultant Brandon Rook.

They had a typical on and off relationship, which made Noelle Halcrow furious and shattered. When the yearlong on and off relationship ended abruptly, it did not go well with the social media influencer, and she took out her rage on the internet.

Noelle Halcrow claimed that her ex-boyfriend Brandon Rook is a chronic cheater and is spreading herpes to other women. Her post on Instagram said, ‘Has STDs spreads them to people…’

It did not go well with the Vancouver based business consultant, and he decided to sue the fashion blogger on the grounds of online defamation.

His lawyer Bryan Baynham said in an interview that ‘She went on and published time and time again, over many days - actually a year, or maybe more than that - various versions of the same statement that the guy was a dog, basically.,’

‘It's like publishing a defamatory statement to the world,’ Baynham said.

Noelle Halcrow has 17,000 Instagram followers, and she juggles between Canada and Los Angeles. Over the last year, she has been defaming her ex-boyfriend all over the internet, claiming that he is a loser, cheater and is spreading STDs to other women.

Rook’s lawyers said that ‘It's worse than publishing it in a newspaper in many cases. It's very serious, and you better have the facts to back it up.’ He also stated as she a social media celebrity with a huge fan base, the intensity of defamation will have severe effects on his client. Thus, the penalty should be huge for the fashion blogger.

Noelle denied any association with the accounts from which the postings have been done. The posts were from brandonrook.baterogold; br._rook_; and Brandon.rookbatero.

Supreme Court Judge Eliot Myers cited various messages that were sent by Noelle.  One text message read: ‘I told you second I posted pics. This time you need to search for them and figure how many people I tag.

‘Stupidly I took down, but easily get back, and I own this account names.

‘And the only thing you can get deleted on Instagram is porn.

‘My account people say bad things I own it so I can take down two seconds and alert my phone.’

With such proofs against the social media celebrity, the judge’s verdict became the legendary one as till now; it was the first case in which an influencer had to pay such a huge price.