Confirmed Rhea Chakraborty blackmailer Sushant Singh Rajput to disclose his mental health; FIR lodged by his father

The conspiracy of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has taken a scandalous turn as the late actor’s father file case against his ex-girl friend Rhea Chakraborty. According to the reports, his father Sanjay Singh filed an FIR against the rumoured girl friend under various sections, but most importantly abetment of suicide. 

The report was filed in Patna and a team of four members is sent to Mumbai to get the official documents. Sushant’s father and relatives revealed that the actress used to pressurise him for money and mentally harassed him leading to his depression and suicide. 

Even the Jhansi ki Rani of Bollywood, KanganaRanaut tweeted and probed CBI enquiry in the case as she believes involvement of many Rhea and other Bollywood Mafias like Karan Johar. Even, Karan Johar and his production company, Dharma Production are under investigation. 

The film “drive” which was released on Netflix didn’t perform well. There were rumors that Sushant’s movies are not even getting distributors now. The film was directed by TarunMansukhani and when the film reached Karan Johar, he did not like it. On the same hand, Karan said to reshoot the film and when the shooting was done all over again, he still did not like the film.

But there were also rumours that Dharma production had sort of made a rule silently that they won’t sign Sushantagain. There were also some hush-hush gossips that five more production houses had banned Sushant. 

CEO Dharma Production will be investigated and is also asked to get a contract copy of the film Drive for the investigation. Karan Johar is been trolled on a major level after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, on the other hand, KanganaRanaut has said some names publicly that might be involved in the suicide attempt of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.

Mahesh Bhatt has also been investigated at the Santa Cruz Police station before this the investigation was done in Bandra Police station. In this investigation, Mahesh Bhatt was questioned if he ever asked Rhea Chakraborty to leave Sushant. To which he refused and added that he never said so also, he had met Sushant for two times after Rhea signed his film Jalebi. 

He also said that Sushant was never offered a film “Sadak” from his side neither had Sushant ever visited his office in regard to any film.

Kangana will also register her statement with the Mumbai police soon. Shweta, Sushant’s sister had a chat on 10th June which states that she was calling him home after the lockdown situation followed by a long chat they had. 

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Shweta also said Sushant was a blessing for them as the first son of her parents died very soon. And when Sushant came the family was really blessed and happy. AnkitaLokhande, Sushant’s ex-girlfriend had also reacted to Shweta’s post. 

ParthPawar, the politician has also written to the higher authorities that there should be CBI Investigation for Sushant’s suicide case. The fans are also requesting for a CBI investigation.

As people are also questioning why has Sushant not left any suicide letter before this attempt. It’s been a month to Sushant’s suicide, but there is new twist in the case everyday. Let’s hope that the late actor gets justice and rests in peace finally.