Can Guruji of Sacred Games turn around the negative reviews for season-2

When the first teaser of Sacred Games Season-2 was released, it intrigued the Netizens then what made it go down the hill? Was it just the fizzle out effect? Sacred Games Season-2 was live on the eve of Independence Day, and its fanatics could not resist binge-watching.

Call it skyrocketing expectations from the hangover of season-1 or the trailers and solid star cast of season-2, but the Netizens witnessed what a weak script can do to a promising series. Even though the power-packed performance of the actors made it a onetime watch series, but audience review on social media handles and critics review must have put the makers in dilemma whether to produce the next season or not.

Pankaj Tripathi, aka Guruji, is the foundation of the plot and his devotee Betya Abelman (Kalki Koechlin) as they operate a spiritual cult. He believes that world needs balancing and wants to end the civilization (sacrifices needs to be done) to ensure a pious and just society.

He reminds us of Thanos from the last Avengers series but is far more disastrous and cunning than him. Whereas, Saif Ali Khan aka Sartaj Singh gives a stereotypical performance and the tedious sub-plots makes one wonder what was going in the mind of the writers and directors.

To conclude, the season-2 does give some answers and comes to a full circle. Even though the series had its moments that made the audience laugh and feel sorry about the character, but overall it was an exhausting series putting a question mark on the third installment of the season. Yet, if you have watched the first season, bare the second season for closure.