Top creepiest places in the world you need to know about

Here are some of the most haunted places that are abandoned. Some of these places are accessible to the tourists but the others are isolated. They are said to be the most horrifying and bizarre places. Are you among one those who would love to explore these spine chilling places? Read more about these 20 places that can be nightmarish for you just sitting at home. 

Orpheum Theatre – It was opened on Feb 15, 1926, on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles and was closed in the year 1950.

Akarmara – Is situated in a town named Abkhazia which is situated near a river. And has the most abandoned factories, apartments, etc today. 

Craco – Which is known as the ‘Ghost Town’ located at the hillside in Italy and has been abandoned due to natural disasters. 

Hotel Del Salto – Situated in Columbia it is one of the most haunted places. It is a place where several suicides have taken place due to which it was abandoned.

Poveglia Island – It is Island in Italy where the plague patients were quarantined. This Island has been used for many paranormal shows and is spooky.

Maunsell Forts- They are the armed towers built in the river Thames. They were operated as army and navy forts. They have a sinister appearance.

Bodie- It is a ghost town in the Bodie Hills in California. It is also registered as a California Historical Landmark.

Aral Sea Ship Graveyard – This is also a ghost town in the middle of the dessert. It was one of the busy fishing ports on the Aral Sea.

Valley of the Mills - It is an abandoned valley in the South of Italy populated by some industrial abandoned buildings. 

Aniva Lighthouse – It is built on a chunk of rock by Japanese in the southern part of Sakhalin.

Montserrat Island – It is a tiny overseas territory of the United Kingdom which was left abandoned after a Volcanic Eruption.

Varosha – It is an abandoned and uninhabited part of Cypriot City. It has some empty streets and buildings.

Kolmanskop – Is a ghost town in the Southern Namib Desert. This region is also known as ‘the forbidden zone’. It has been a site for diamond mines.

Shicheng – It is an ancient city that is underwater. It is also described as China’s Atlantis.

Gunkanjima – Is an abandoned Island about 15 Kilometres from the city of Nagasaki in Japan. Also known as ‘the Stairway to hell’

The IM Cooling Tower – It was closed in 2007. It is an abandoned power plant in Belgium.

Kiev Metro Tunnels – It lies beneath the streets if Kiev and some of them are flooded now as they are rarely maintained

BeelitzHeilstatten – It is an abandoned military hospital where Adolf Hitler was treated. The rusted beds and the mystifying corridors make it more haunting.

The SS Ayrfield – It is an abandoned old ship that is now known as the floating forest located in the west of Sydney.

Pripyat – It is the ghost city in the Northern Ukraine named after the River Pripyat. It is left by some of the worst nuclear disasters.