Google Bans 29 Defamatory Apps From The Play Store For The Safety Of Android users

Cyber-security had been a hot topic ever since there are a lot of teenagers coming on social media. As the internet is becoming more accessible for teens cyber crimes have been growing. The recent one which set the internet on fire was the “boys locker room”. There was a real threat that girls and boys had felt over that period. The uneducated part of society is still not aware of cybercrimes. Risks have been on a large scale after India-China consequences have been raised.

Yet again Google removes 29 apps as they had adware in them. The apps were dangerous for android users. A cyber-security firm named White Ops has detected the Adware in the apps. The intelligence and research team of White ops said it out on their blog that they were able to detect numerous apps that “manifested suspiciously high volume of ad traffic during their threat hunting investigation”. This was investigated under the investigation named “CHARTREUSEBLUR”. Most of them were photo editing apps which provided of making backgrounds blur without in-app purchases.

Once the apps were installed they would probably not appear on the phone, in fact, one app Square Photo Blur was a malicious one as they launch and the open button would disappear one the app would be installed. These apps had Out of Context ads which the users could barely remove. Also, the users were unable to delete the apps.

The team also stated that “The apps we investigated in the course of this research did not function as advertised and had more than 3.5 million downloads among them”. The reviews of the app are also on the negative boundaries with many users' complaints regarding the OOC ads.

The following are the apps Auto Picture Cut, Colour Call Flash, Square Photo Blur, Magic Call Flash, Easy Blur, Image Blur, Auto photo blur, and many more. This gives us a clear picture of that blur word is used is almost all. There is a list besides these apps which are also included in the banned apps. 

White Ops Team gives out a message to be aware of all such apps and to be on a safer side you should always check the ratings and reviews. In case the apps are showing you inappropriate ads you should find a way to report the ad or to write to the firm as in this case it is Google.