Japanese Restaurant Owner Purchased An Endangered Species for $1.8 Million

Japanese businessman named Kiyoshi Kimura bought Tuna Fish, auctioned on New Year's Eve, for $ 1.8 million.  Kiyoshi made the highest bid for this 276 kg of tuna fish at the Tokyo's fish market. Which is quite far from the second highest bid of a tuna fish.



In the auction held last year, Kiyoshi bought 278 kg of tuna fish for $ 1 lakh which is about Rs 22 crore. This fish has been auctioned since 1999 and now finally this restaurant owner has this gigantic fish. Kiyoshi said that he will serve this expensive fish to customers in his restaurant.


Kiyoshi serves Japan's special Thali sushi in his restaurant, which includes sea fish with rice. Tuna is in great demand in marine fish. This fish is also in such demand because according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), bluefin tuna is an extinct species of fish.


Tuna fish is well liked because of its taste. It is rich in many nutrients including omega-3 and vitamins. In another incident last year, Dave Edward of the West Cork Chartered Company of Ireland caught a Tuna Fish worth more than 23 million.  


But later on released that tuna fish back into the sea. According to a report, the price of this fish could have been more than 3 million euros which is about 23 crores. Despite this, they thought it is better to leave the fish for now.