Google States That 20 U.S States And Territories 'Exploring' Contact Tracing Apps

In May Google has said that will launch apps using the exposure notification tool. These three countries are Alabama, North Dakota, and South Carolina.

But last month South Carolina representatives pulled up the release of the state’s app. On the other hand, Alabama delegates are still considering the launch of their app which is completed fully. The North Dakota app is still to get launched.

Public and Health Authorities in 16 countries and regions outside the US (United States) have launched apps using the Apple-Google tool, said the company.

The names of the countries that have come out are Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Northern Ireland, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Uruguay.

Google stated on Friday that the first of the U.S. apps would be released in the “coming weeks,” but declined to name the states. They also added saying that its system coming together with Apple has now allowed the apps inaugurated by different countries to have a conversation with one another. The contact-logging will still work in case the users are crossing borders too.

This has given space to the app users to track the contacts with other people using Bluetooth signals and namelessly tell the contacts if they get infected with the virus later on.

Alphabet Inc's Google said on Friday that “20 U.S. states and territories, representing about 45% of the country's population, are "exploring" contact tracing apps for the novel coronavirus using a tool it developed with Apple Inc”.

The app which was a result of Northern Ireland that came out on Friday is the one that can track the users in another country. The firm which came out with this app has also stated to the sources that they are coming out with the one for the US State of Pennsylvania.