In India, Two-day-old girl stabbed 100 times and thrown near the temple

A gruesome case of cruelty to a newborn girl has come to light in MP capital Bhopal. The case is from the area near Saint Thomas School in G-Sector, Ayodhya Nagar where the body of the girl, born 2 days ago wasstabbed100times with the help of a screwdriver. The accused then wrapped it in a shawl and threw it on the side of the temple. This is the third case of the murder of a newborn baby in Bhopal in 15 days.

Regarding the incident, the area police station in-charge RenuMurab said that he had come to know about the girl’s corpse found on the morning of 24 September. When the police reached the place of the incident, their heart sank witnessing such a brutal mishap. The newborn had more than 100 holes in her body that were made with a screwdriver. 

The police first suspected that the child was thrown near the temple and the animals injured her, but the post-mortem report revealed that she has already been injured badly. The girl has not been identified yet. 

“The post-mortem report revealed on Tuesday that the child was attacked with a sharp tool multiple times on the stomach and back,” Ayodhya Nagar police station in-charge, RenuMurab quoted.

“A murder case has been registered against the accused,” the official said, adding that no arrest has been made so far.

The police have registered a case of murder and causing the disappearance of evidence against the unidentified accused and started an investigation. The anonymous accused has also been charged under other several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The police are searching for CCTV footage of the surrounding areas for clues.

This is the third case to come out in MP in the past few weeks. The case came days after a 31-day-old baby girl in Khajuriwas allegedly murdered by her mother by putting her in a 50-litre water-filled drum. When the police asked the mother about the murder, she revealed that she wanted a boy and didn’t like it that she instead gave birth to a girl.

Two days later, another body of a 9-month-old baby girl was found in Upper Lake near Gauhar Mahal in Talaya. During investigations, police found that the girl’s mother threw her in the lake as she wanted to elope with her lover.


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