Convincing people to wear face masks is like convincing them to wear condom says sexologist

It might sound strange to you that how wearing a condom can convince people to wear face mask but this sexologist here has proven it.

Jill McDevitt has been looking into the conversation of the face masks that have been happening over the months after this pandemic situation of COVID-19 and have realized that this seems quite familiar.

She stated that it is not the first that public health officials are convincing people to wear something that might save their life this has happened before too.

The sexologist, McDevitt feels that the approach they had to convince people for wearing condoms since the 1980s can be applied to convince them to wear a face mask.

“I was hearing about people getting very angry at others not wearing masks and it reminded me a lot of the conversation with not wanting to wear condoms,” said McDevitt, a San Diego-based sexuality educator, wellness coach, and University of Waterloo graduate. But the health organizations have faced this earlier when they were getting shamed for delivering messages on how important it is to wear a condom. With time they have gotten better over the last 40 years. They have developed an effective way of delivering messages to people.

She also posted a list on her Facebook page which includes ways to convince people for wearing face masks. She said that make sure the masks are accessible and educate people on the same that how important it is to wear them in this current situation. 

The sexologist and University of Waterloo graduate also add that people need to be very honest about the situation of COVID-19 while convincing other people to wear masks. 

There should not be any shaming done of the people who are not wearing masks also the leaders and the public health officials have to be on the same page in order to spread the messages and convince people.

No guilt-based methods should be adopted says, McDevitt.