Curious Chinese teenager inserted magnetic balls in his penis had to get his bladder removed

Children are curious by nature and want to explore everything. A weird incident took place in South China where an eleven-year-old boy inserted a magnetic toy up his penis. 

Image: AsiaWire)

Maybe he wanted to feel Bucky balls up his penis, but things went south as he started feeling and there was blood in the urine. He was so afraid of his situation that he didn’t tell his parents about the incident and suffered intense pain. 

Li Honghui, chief urologist at Dongguan Children's Hospital diagnosed the boy and stated he was suffering inflammation due to the magnetic balls in his penis. He further said that the boy will now have to get a surgery to remove the bladder to get Eodymium magnetic toys out. 

Image: AsiaWire)

Li Honghui,” But we couldn't remove a string of 20 spheres through a cystoscopy, so we opted for a minimally invasive surgery instead."

He further added, “Children are very curious about their body as they grow. In terms of inserting objects in the urethra, we found the phenomenon in boys of two age groups - five to six, and 10 to 13."

Image: AsiaWire)

The hospital staff commented that the surgery was successful and a string of magnetic toys was removed. They also said that parents should look out for symptoms like frequent urination, pain during urination, or blood in the urine in the children.