480 people died in Iran after drinking methanol wrongly believing, “It cures Covid-19”

Iran is facing the worst pandemic alone in the Middle East without any help from the outside world or resources. People are in a state of panic and are believing anything they see on social media as the treatment for Coronavirus, which has led to grave consequences. Recently, a fake video in Farsi came in the light which claimed that a school teacher in the UK and a group of people cured themselves by drinking whiskey and honey. 

It led them to believe that alcohol can kill the virus, and they started finding liquids with high-proof alcohol. The Islamic Republic abstains from drinking alcohol, and people are dependent on bootleggers. So, they started drinking methanol, believing that it will kill the virus in their body. Unfortunately, it led to the death of 480 people across the country, and thousands of them are critically ill. 

Dr. Knut Erik Hovda, a clinical toxicologist in Oslo, said that “The virus is spreading and people are just dying off, and I think they are even less aware of the fact that there are other dangers around.” He has also studied Methanol poisoning and said that if people keep drinking it, they will fall ill, and the number will keep on rising. 

Iran Media is stating that everything is under control, and General Ali Jahanshahi, the army’s deputy coordinator, gave a statement that a hospital of 200-beds in an exhibition center was made in 48-hours and has been handed over to the healthcare professionals. Soon it will accept the positive cases and start the treatment. 

Till now, there are 30,000 confirmed cases in Iran, and more than 2000 confirmed deaths due to the virus. It is the worst-hit nation, and the authorities have declined help from the United States. Instead, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the main leader, is claiming that the United States has created the virus, but there is no scientific proof to support his allegations.