An 82-year old man from Kolkata won hearts by donating 10,000 for COVID 19 Relief Fund

Challenging times are the time when we get to know the true colours of the people. As the world is fighting a war against the deadly Coronavirus, people are opening their hearts and supporting the government to find the cure and beat the microbe. An eighty-two-year-old man of Kolkata set an example that if the intention is pure, the universe will find a way to give the desired result.

Shri Subhash Chandra, a retired college professor and resident of Kolkata recently donated 10,000 towards COVID 19 Relief Fund. A Facebook user Charudut Acharya posted on her account, how the retired professor who is not well versed with online payments called cops to donate funds.

The old man who is dependent on pensions for essentials like food and medicines, called police officers patrolling in his area. They came inside wondering may be Shri. Subhash is in distress and needs help, but they were in dismay when he gave a cheque of 10,000 which was addressed to the state COVID 19 Relief Fund. When he saw the confused look on the officer’s face, he said that he is not equipped with online payment and is handing over the cheque to them so that they can donate. 

The facebook post stated, “This is a retired college professor from Kolkata, Shri Subhash Chandra Banerjee. He is 82. He lives alone in a small flat in Dumdum area of Kolkata. Most of his modest pension is spent on medicines. Yesterday he stood outside his building and flagged a police party doing the lockdown rounds. Seeing his age and frail condition, the cops thought he was in distress and rushed to him. Instead, he invited them into his home. As they sat wondering what the octogenarian is up to, he wrote out a cheque for Rupees 10,000/- for the State COVID 19 Relief Fund and handed it over to them.”

Shri. Subhash even apologised to the officers for asking the favour. The posted further added, “He apologized to the cops for asking them to do this out of turn task, as he is not sure how to go about online transactions. This donation from the heart is priceless. There are scores of so-called ordinary citizens of our country who are displaying extra-ordinary character and citizenship. And giving us a glimpse of their huge hearts. Goosebumps moment. Yeh Hoti hai hero ki entry. #Maythecurveflattentoday State COVID 19 Relief Fund”

It is heartwarming to see how even in the difficult moments there are people who come forward and go out of their comfort zone to help humanity.