Covid-19 positive infant suffering from Brain hemorrhage operated while anesthetist risk her life in danger

An infant who was suffering from a persistent cough and cold was tested Corona positive and was being treated according to the protocol. He suffered convulsions on May 15th, and the scan revealed a cluster of blood on the left hemisphere of the brain. 

A team of doctors came together in Six Sion Hospital and performed an urgent surgery on the infant boy at 3 am. The infant was tested covid-19 positive just 19 days ago, but the gravity of the situation was such that surgery had to be performed immediately.

The team was led by Dr. Alok Sharma, including Dr. Mona Gajare, Dr. Kshitija Mahajan, Dr. Prakash Pallave, Dr. SagarGawli, and Dr. Hemant Kumar. During the surgery, the anesthetist had to take a grave decision to save the boy. While administering anesthesia to an infant weighing two and a half kgs, the anesthetist has to come really close to the patient as it’s administered from mouth to airways. Her glasses and protective gear were preventing her vision, so she removed her gears to stay close to the infant and administer the right dose. 

Image Source: mumbaimirror.indiatimes

The anesthetist is now under strict quarantine for two weeks. The infant was suffering from a subdural haematoma. His neurological reports suggested aggressive deterioration, which led to the collaboration of surgeons, pediatricians, and anesthetists in a short time to save his life. 

The surgery lasted three hours, and 40ml of blood was drained from the brain by making a burr hole. The hole was made on the infant’s skull, and the surgery was challenging as the boy suffered coagulation. The administering of anesthesia and post-operative measures on the covid-19 baby was a challenge. At this point, the child is on ventilator support and is under observation said, Dr. Sharma

The father of the baby expressed gratitude to the team and said, “I am thankful to all the doctors involved for gathering in the middle of the night to perform the surgery.” Mr. Satish Pawar is a 26-year-old lab technician, and his 23-year-old wife is a homemaker. Currently, their infant is under observation in the special ward created for Covid-19 positive infants.