Indians proved during Janta Curfew, not Coronavirus but Stupidity is the epidemic contaminating our nation

Social distancing is the potent weapon to fight against the novel Coronavirus, but Indians proved that it's their stupidity that's more dangerous. When Prime Minister NarendraModi addressed the nation, he explained the impact of the deadly disease and need for self-quarantine. Keeping the safety of the people in mind, he declared, "Janta Curfew," which was supposed to be a trial to check how well we can combat the virus with a lockdown. 

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22nd March was supposed to be a historical moment where the citizens of our country would have practiced self-quarantine and paid tribute to the medical fraternity by banging kitchenware or clapping for them sharp at 5pm for 5minutes. However, things did not happen the way our dear PM instructed and hoped. While the citizens observed lockdown till 5pm and did the motivational clanking of Thaalis for 5minutes, they could not restrain themselves from strolling the streets after that. 


Celebrities observing, "Janta Curfew," and banging Thaalis to thank doctors and nurses.

The lockdown was a partial success because it was followed only partly. Our dear PM said that the "Janta Curfew" would remain till 10pm, but the efforts went down the drain as in many parts of the country, people were seen playing cricket, strolling the streets or gathered in-crowd for chit-chat and the noise-making task assigned by ModiJi. Remind me, did he say make groups and express gratitude to the doctors and medical industry by clapping and banging? No. 

Twitter was flooded with tweets and images of stupid Indian gathering together for Thalli banging when it was clearly stated by the PM, that it should be done from the terrace or balcony of the house. Even celebrities like comedian Vir Das, scintillating actress Gauhar Khan and Richa Chadha took to their Twitter handle to mock the stupidity of the Indians.

Such images bring out a valid point. We make jokes about the futile activity of the PM but aren't even the stupidest. Italy, which is known for second best medical services has surrendered to the virus. Then how can Indians underestimate the virus or are they overestimating the power of the common man? Let's hope that situations in India do not deteriorate as other nations and our number come down from 425. Only then can we focus on treating the stupidity of our citizens.