Samir Khan a Muslim TikTok Star who condemned wearing masks and asked his fans to trust god is now tested corona positive

The TikTok sensation of Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district who was trying to be too cool to wear a cloth mask to prevent the deadly virus is now tested positive. The world has witnessed more than 1,10,000 deaths and India has more than 8400 confirmed cases. Fortunately, India has not entered the third phase of mass contamination which would have led to mass deaths. But certain notorious elements were creating ruckus that could have led to disastrous results. 

One such person was Samir Khan who reportedly is a TikTok sensation from Madhya Pradesh and was spreading social messages against social distancing. He made a video stating, “Bhai iss kapde ke tukde pe kya bharosa rakhna hai, rakhna hai toh uss uparwaale pe rakho.” He clearly advocates the non-usage of facial masks, and further seems to think that the almighty will protect people like him. In the background, the song lyrics of Kun Faya Kun can be heard.


But now the tables have turned, as now he has become the first positive case of Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district and is currently in the quarantine ward. He made a video from the isolation ward of the hospital and was emotional. He asked his supposed fans to pray for his speedy recovery and said that as he is tested positive, he won’t be able to make further videos.

Currently, India is trying to control the epidemic by ensuring strict measures like complete lockdown, social distancing and wearing masks. It is one of the reasons that the country hasn’t reached stage three. The data of infected countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong,etc. State that wearing a mask helps a lot in spreading the virus and should be worn all the time. 

Let’s hope the incident of Samir Khan will set an example for antisocial elements and will help them realise they are putting their and others life in danger.