Measles is back and has taken a toll on children's life in Samoa

Measles out broke in Samoa, led to the end of many children. Samoa is a small island nation, and here, a resolution has been passed to keep the schools closed due to the outbreak. Also, travel and tourism restriction have approximately 50 children. The children under the age of 4 years have been affected the most by the spread of this disease.

World Health Organization has stated that this disease is spreading very fast across the globe and has been recently suspected among the children of Samoa. In this country, only 31 percent was vaccine coverage when the disease started to spread. Apart from Samoa, the United States and Canada is also under attack.

According to the government of Samoa, this disease has been spreading so fast that in just two weeks. The disease has been reported to be found in near about 3700 people, out of which maximum are children. Surprisingly the population of the country is just 200000 out of which 3700 have been found affected.

The situation has brought a national emergency, and now everyone in the country is receiving proper vaccination for the disease. People who were not immunized because of religious faith or the misconception that immunization can cause autism are now scared for their life.

Also, in other nations, the cases of measles have been found on rising. According to the WHO analysis, they had already reported some time back about the outburst and attack of this disease. The disease has severe effects that lead to a weak immune system (which is mostly in the children under the age of 4 years). Hence this group has been targeted the most by this disease.

Not only Samoa but more affluent countries like Canada also have many cases of this disease that has been reported. WHO warned in October of a devastating comeback in measles epidemics as the number of reported cases rose by 300 percent in the first three months of this year.

After causing devastation in Congo, Madagascar, and Ukraine, among others, measles cases started appearing en masse earlier this year in the New Zealand city of Auckland, a hub for travel to and from small Pacific islands.

In Samoa, everything schools, colleges, etc. have been closed, only the churches are open, but if the situation continues to deteriorate in the same way, the churches also will be called off. Samoa is on high alert and vaccines are being administered to children since the state of emergency was declared on Nov. 20. Health authorities have vaccinated 58,150 people so till now.