Conservatives investing heavily on FB Ads to win UK elections

The Conservative party, which is currently governing the present political scenario in the UK, has increased the budget of Facebook Ads. It has been done to attract young voters via social media marketing. Until 30th November, the Facebook Ads of Conservative Party numbered only 201, but on Monday, i.e., 1st December 2019, the Facebook Ads ramped up to 921.


Considering that elections are on 12th December, Prime Minister Boris Jackson wanted to do last-minute Facebook Promotions in contrast to Brexits or Liberal Democrats or Labour who were spending heavily on Facebook ads.


The 921 active Facebook Ads were targeted to young voters of age 25-35years, and till Saturday, they have spent around $48,210, i.e., 37,653 pounds on Ads. The Labour’s focused their Ad campaign on their agenda of the green Industrial revolution with more than 230 active ads, whereas Conversationalist Ads were based on ending uncertainty around Brexit and health awareness.


They also targeted the Labour agenda by stating loopholes in the spending plan of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party.

The last-minute Facebook bombardment is reminiscent of the Vote Leave Campaign of the 2016 elections.


Johnson and minister Michael Gove headed up the Vote Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum of 2016, and the group’s campaign director Dominic Cummings - who has been a key Johnson adviser during his premiership - has spoken of the major role a late surge in online advertising played in that campaign.


The NHS based campaign of Conservatives is popular amongst males according to the data, and they are also banking of young voters. The chances of swaying numbers or attracting voters in the last phase of elections are a smart movie, and it will be exciting to see the impact of Digital campaigns of the elections.