Google shuts down 210 YouTube Channels spreading coordinated misinformation regarding Hong Kong protests

YouTube observed that few channels were uploading videos related to Hong Kong Protests in a coordinated manner, which could be an anti-democratic move. Earlier, Facebook and Twitter, giant social media platforms remove many accounts that posing a threat to pro-democracy protests. Now YouTube has also taken a crucial step to preserve the democracy and integrity of the platform that was harmed due to misinformation and manipulation by these channels. The channel stated that such moves need to be curbed as it can influence the people in the wrong way.

Google said that they checked the behaviour pattern of these 210 channels and found out various coordinated moves against the Hong Kong Protests. They felt that it was deliberately done to create political issues and mitigate the protest, which was held against the legislation to send criminals to China or Taiwan. The protestors felt that Hong Kong has its own system and extraditing the convicted to the mainland will lead increasing the control and influence of China on the country. It led to the social unrest and processions which led to suspension of all flights from Hong Kong Airport as the residents feared that the control will eventually go in the hands of China.

Considering the a volatile situation of Hong Kong in mind, the three social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube collectively removed several accounts that were considered coordinated and spreading disinformation. It is to be noted here that these social media platforms are blocked in China to curb the influence of western culture, but these are active in Hong Kong. So the removal of accounts became imperative to control the ads against the protestors which could have further led to internal war in the country.