Indian man bit a snake's head off and doctors are shocked that he is Alive

Revenge makes a person mad, and it’s proven by a farmer from Hardio district in Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place when the farmer was bitten by a snake claimed as python by the farmer named Sonelal. The farmer said that he was furious when the snake bit him, and he wanted to take revenge.


The angry farmer held the snake and chewed his hood off. It did not end there. He bought the snake to his village and again tore his head off and killed him. After some time, Sonelal fell unconscious, and the ambulance was called to Shuklapur Bhagar village.


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The ambulance from Madhoganj community health center rushed on listening to about the weird incident. They got a call claiming that Sonelal was unconscious after chewing the head off the snake and killing him. When the farmer was admitted, there were no signs of poison found in his body.


The eyewitnesses of the incident said that they saw how, in the fit of anger, Sonelal chewed the head off, and the snake was lying lifeless. But, they were shocked how he survived after ingesting a snake’s hood.


Dr. Kumar, who treated the unconscious Sonelal, said, “I've never seen such a case in my life," Dr. Kumar told that he did not find any snake bite on the farmer and it's shocking, how he is alive after chewing the head off of a poisonous snake. I mean, he chewed off half of (the snake's) head and yet was fine. I haven't seen anything like this in my lifetime," a puzzled Dr. Kumar gave the statement to the media.


The villagers claim that it was not an ordinary snake but a python. Whatever it was, he met with a sad end because of the revenge of a farmer.