Is Google launching a Google phone app with an in-built call recording feature?

Call recording is a feature that every mobile user needs in his mobile. Recording the conversation and keeping it as evidence is something that has become the need of the hour, especially in professional set up.

But, mobile users had to depend on external apps or OEMs for call recording, which is a hassle in itself. But not anymore as Google is soon going to launch a dialer app with an in-built call recording feature. The company’s pixel phones will now have an automatic call recording feature. It will be active on the Google phone app with the Pixel 4 and Android One Program.

The  XDADevelopers reported that the new phone app Pixel 4 and Android One Program would have a built-in feature. The users quickly decoded the new feature and the pertaining assets. Now the users need not depend on the other dialer apps or suffer due to limited access as the new feature has two strings,” Record” and “Recording.”

There were speculations that Google is coming with something big in 2020, and it became evident when Xiaomi announced its move of opting Google phone app as the default setting. Xiaomi was initially offering call recording via third-party apps, but with the help of the Google phone app, they have made in-built call recording possible.

It will considerably reduce the chances of losing the recording, which was a common phenomenon with third-party apps. Google, however, has not officially confirmed the feature, but the speculations of rumours being true are high.

To think about it, why would Xiaomi switch from its own MIUI dialer to Google dialer? And, why will they announce that recording is still possible in 2020? All these theories suggest that Google is going to launch something big in 2020.