Miracle Mike the chicken without head remained alive for 18 months after his head was axed

Miracles happen when least expected and in the weirdest ways. Mike was a Wyandotte chicken in the farm of LLyod Olsen of Colorado. Olsen’s mother-in-law was visiting her and his wife told her to get a chicken for the dinner. It was supposed to an intimate family dinner, but things got exciting when he went to get the chicken. 

Source: wikipedia

He axed a five-month old chicken, but he his jugular vein remained attached and the brain stem was intact. Although, half of the head was beheaded, but as the vein and brain stem was safe, the chicken did not die and there was no blood loss. Rather, he survived for eighteen months and became popularly known as Miracle Mike. 

When the owner of the chicken could not understand why the chicken did not die, rather he was still breathing, walking clumsily and perching, he took it to University of Utah. The doctors there told the medical reason behind the survival of Mike. Olsen got fond of Mike and started taking care of him, he fed him milk and water with eye-dropper and small pieces of corns and worms.

Soon the popularity of Mike reached in the ears of a company who hosted such special creatures with no head or two head. Olsen was appointed there to tour throughout the country with Mike and he started earning $4500 per month. Once during the tour, he was staying in a hotel in Phoenix and it is believed he died choked by a piece of corn in his throat. 

Mike was valued $10,000 on the prime of his popularity and was put on displace for public at the admission cost of 25cents. Even though, Mike is no more his legacy continues and there is an institute in Colorado with the name Mike the headless chicken and Annual day of Mike the headless chicken is celebrated on the third week of May every year.