Rhea Chakraborthy claims she had no idea about Sushant’s hard drive and she went to touch Sushant’s feet one last time

Rhea Chakraborty has said that she had not seen any sort of hard drives being erased from Sushant’s home when she left on the 8th of June. According to some of the reports it has come out that Siddharth Pithani who was a friend and flatmate to Sushant said that the couple had destroyed several hard disks after a fight they had and just after the fight Rhea left.

During an interview with one of the media houses, she said that “This is a completely baseless allegation. There is no hard drive that I am aware of. No one came home to take care of the hard drives, till the time that I was there. If something happened after I left, between June 8 and June 13, when Sushant’s sister was there, she would know. Nothing like this happened in my presence.”

Rhea has also said a clear no to the accusation that she has moved his entire staff after she moved in with Sushant. Where she also said adding that his cook Neeraj, House Manager Samuel Miranda, and all other people had been working with Sushant before they even had a relationship. She also pointed out who is this person Sandip Singh who was seen at the hospital after Sushant’s death and was also present on numerous other occasions. She said she has never seen this person before and was also sure that there would be no contact of his name in Sushant’s phone.

Rhea has also confronted that she saw Sushant’s dead body and touched his feet as it was getting transferred to the van for the funeral. Further, while she was asked that for hum much time was, she at the morgue the actor replied “It was probably 3-4 seconds. I was told to wait outside. My friends requested somebody that I wish to see the body once. They said I can see the body when it goes from the mortuary to the van for the funeral. When it was on the way to the van, I got to see the body for 3 seconds. I said ‘I am sorry’, because, I am... that he has lost his life. I touched his feet as a mark of respect, which any Indian could understand why anyone touches someone’s feet.”

The actress has been disturbed after the demise of her partner, she has told in one of her interviews that “On June 14, around 2 pm, I was with my brother in my room when my friend called me and said that there are rumours that this has happened, stop the rumours now, ask Sushant to give a statement. She (her friend) didn’t know I was at my home. Then, within 10-15 minutes, there was a clarification of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.”

As Sushant’s parents did not wish to see her so after hearing the news of his death she did not even go to his house to see anything she said that “I was ready to go to the funeral, but my industry friends told me not to go as his family doesn’t want me there. I would only be insulted and be asked to leave from there. Then one of my friends said that it is important for me to see his body for the last time because if I don’t, I will not get closure and it will be hard to accept the fact that he is no more.”

After Rhea has been in the file name in the FIR filed by Sushant’s father she has been investigated by the CBI. As the actor also feels that there might be a risk to the life of her and her parents so she has put up a request to Mumbai police to keep them safe. 


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