Hackers are using Fake Coronavirus Maps to steal personal information and spread the malware

While the World Health Organisation declared Covid19 pandemic and are taking measures to curb the further spread, they have started mapping the affected areas using Coronavirus Maps. It helps in knowing the severely affected areas that will help them take security measures and further issue instructions on the outbreak, hackers have found a way to take advantage of the same. The hackers have created a malware a replica of Coronavirus maps that are used to steal personal data of the users. 

The security researcher of Reasons Lab, ShaiAlfasi first spotted the malware and said that the hackers are trying to secure personal data like passwords, credit card information, etc. that are stored in web browsers. The replica malware has a few modifications that make it different from the Corona Maps, but no one can notice it quickly. 

The software used in the malware is AZORult which is used by many malware spreading hackers to steal information. AZORult was designed as an information stealer and was identified in 2016 as software that downloads further malware in the infected systems. 

Unique id of the victim is created, and the data is extracted then XOR encryption is applied, and C2 communication is established. 

At the outbreak of Coronavirus, many industries are witnessing negative impacts, especially the technology and finance industries, but it seems like hackers are making the most of the worst situations.

It is highly advised to use an advanced anti-virus to ensure restriction on the cyberattack. Double-check the website and read the reviews before downloading or installing anything from the web, keep the anti-virus updated and keep scanning the system to avoid such attacks. These precautionary measures will keep you and your private life secure while the world is grappling from the epidemic and hackers are taking advantage.