How do I clear my Instagram search history?

Sometimes it is quite embarrassing for you if anyone looks at your search history. It is very personal to you. There are things you cannot share with anyone and you just want to keep it to yourself. 

Or it might be you don’t want your boyfriends to see who are you stalking or whether you are looking at your ex-boyfriends’ profile. To hide that just opt for deleting your Instagram history which might save you. 

Just go step by step to do so:

• Open your Instagram profile

• Press the three horizontal lines shaped icon present on the top right of the corner of your profile.

• Then open the settings icon

• Tap on the security button 

• After that finally, click on the Clear Search History button to erase your history.

Or else when you go to the search icon and have already searched profiles there. You will see a cross at the end of each profile you can also tap on that to clear the search if you don’t want the other person to see it. 

If you are not using the Instagram app and are using the Instagram web browser you have to follow these steps in case you wish to clear the history on the web.

• Firstly open on your phone or laptop

• After that click on the profile icon 

• Then click on the settings icon 

• Click on Privacy and security after that view account data 

• There you will find search history and an option to view all

• Further, you have to click on clear search history and then yes, I’m sure to delete the Instagram search history.

It is a very easy procedure to clear your history and we have made it easier for you by providing you the above steps whether you are using an app or browser. 

Now you don’t need to worry about the part of your boyfriend checks your phone suddenly. Or somebody borrows to show you something you know they will get to see nothing personal to you. 

Finally, you can stalk anyone you want to on your Instagram now.