Microsoft’s Ex-employee Mukund Mohan arrested for fraud and charged $5.5million

Mukund Mohan has been arrested due to applying for $5.5 million in C0VID-19 relief funds. Under the US Paycheck Protection Program, he had applied for 8 loans. 

The Paycheck Protection Program that came out from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security act. They help out the businesses to give loans during the current prevailing pandemic situation. This helps in keeping the workers of small businesses employed in a tough situation due to COVID-19 impact.

Mukund had studied computer science from Mysore University and have worked for different companies like Amazon and after that, he had his shift to Microsoft. 

He got his fame when he started working with Microsoft in the U.S and then he later turned into an entrepreneur. He has applied for these loans for 6 companies and not even a single person in those companies is employed. Some even did not have businesses. 

According to his profile on LinkedIn, he worked for amazon between 2016-2018 and was involved in numerous start-ups eventually. 

The US Attorney complaints quote that “Mohan submitted fake and altered documents, including fake federal tax filings and altered incorporation documents”. 

Mohan is also purported to get the received money transferred to his account with the help of a financial services company named Robinhood. 

Where on one side Mohan described his company Mahenjo as the world’s largest hard surface flooring catalog but his complaint states that he made some false statements saying that was the company was working full-fledged Ely and the employees were to be paid salaries. Also adding the Mahenjo’s monthly payroll expenses was about $172,250. But apparently, Mahenjo is a shelf company.

According to the source’s other companies on whose behalf Mohan was raising loans are named as Zuput, Zigantic, Vangal, GitGrow and Expect success.