Kerala Doctor postponed her marriage plans saying, "Marriage can wait, not my patients."

The Coronavirus outbreak has indeed brought people together and fostered the values of brotherhood. One such incident took place in Kerala when a house at Pariyaram medical college hospital decided to postpone her wedding, which was supposed to be held on 29th March. Instead, she chose to be on her patients' side, treat them, and wear protective gear to fight against the deadly virus. 

Dr. Shifa is engaged to a businessman in Dubai, and their marriage would have been solemnized on 29th March, but she took a hard decision as she said her duty comes first. The 23-year-old girl said that she sat with her family and husband and shared her thoughts that, "Marriage can wait, not my patients," and they all happily agreed to postpone the dates. 

Dr. Shifa's father, Mukkam Mohammad, who is the chief of Nationalist Congress Party and LDF district convenor in Kozhikode, said, "In every girl's life wedding is an important event. But my daughter has put her social responsibility and professional commitment before her personal needs. When she suggested postponement of her wedding, we readily agreed to it." He said even the groom, Anus Mohammad, and his family were supportive of her decision and agreed to postpone the wedding. He further added that his elder daughter is also a doctor in Kozhikode, and his wife is a teacher. They both are avid social workers and are happy that their daughters have such strong values of integrity and humanity. 

Kerala is witnessing a significant rise in positive cases, and many doctors are cancelling their personal commitments to treat the patients. Dr. Shifa, who was initially reluctant to talk about her decision, later stated on call, "I didn't do anything great. I did only my duty. I don't want to talk about it much. There are many like me who postponed their personal engagements. I am only one among them. It is true, on marriage day I was in the corona ward and some of my friends teased me saying I was dressed in my best attire (PPE). But I always enjoy serving my patients. I don't want to talk much about it as I did my duty only,"